About Doctor of Coffee

Angie from Doctor of Coffeee

Doctor of Coffee follows Angie's quest to brew the best coffee at home through home roasting, brewing experiments, product reviews, and more.

Angie's love of coffee developed while pursuing her PhD in Chemical Engineering. Since then she has done everything she can to learn the science behind coffee brewing, including working as a barista, visiting coffee farms and some of the world's best coffee shops, and developing her own techniques for roasting and brewing coffee at home.

What You'll Find Here

Doctor of Coffee was started to share Angie's tests in the areas of home roasting and brewing. So whether you're looking for a new roast profile for a new bean, reviews of coffee equipment, the best practices for brewing your favorite coffee styles, or more scientific testing and explanations for all of the above, our goal is to have it all here!

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As this site was started in early 2020, we are working hard to bring about new content as fast as possible. To start, check out some of of coffee brewing guides which share our own best practices for different brewing styles.

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