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Last Updated on March 25, 2020 by Angie

Disclaimer: Doctor of Coffee uses demographic data, email opt-ins, display advertising, and affiliate links to operate this site. Please review our Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy.

Doctor of Coffee is a new coffee blog managed by the team behind World of Discovery Media LLC with member sites Living the Dream (travel blog) and Discover the Burgh (Pittsburgh blog).

While this site is purely run as a passion project for the time being, we are actively working to build our readership and community on social media. As such, we do not have a media kit at this time but will publish one shortly as we grow.

If you work with a coffee brand and would like to inquire about features on this site, please get in contact via the form below.

Please note, we do not sell dofollow links. At this time we are only offering advertising services for businesses within the coffee market. If you would like non-coffee related advertising, we will decline. We are not accepting guest posts.